21st Century Learning

Heritage is a Learning Community fostering the goals and skills of the 21st Century in faculty, staff, students, families, and community members.
You are invited to take part in our learning as we share our skills and successes with each other. This year we are focusing on the same goals as the 21st Century Learning & Leading Conference:
  1. To engage colleagues in considering the shape of education in the 21st Century
  2. To contribute to international thinking on future schooling
  3. To develop and share effective classroom practices in the 21st Century
  4. To foster an open and transparent think tank for our school community
  5. To demonstrate a commitment to 21st Century Learning

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  1. For meetings, PDPs, or training that are part of our professional development, discussion about the learning, your comments & feedback, will be posted on this wiki. Participants are expected to take part in the discussions by posting comments and sharing their work with others so that everyone benefits. (Now when someone makes a really valuable comment or shares a great technique, but you weren't in that session, you won't miss out - it will be posted here.)

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