21st Century Learning

Best Practices (9/16-17/08)

Use the link to the Essential Nine to research what they are. Then identify those strategies that are most useful in your class. Choose 3 or 4 of these strategies and identify several techniques or applications for each of the strategies you choose.

The Essential Nine from Marzano's Classroom Instruction That Works. (CITW)
1.Identifying similarities and differences
2. Summarizing and note taking
3. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
4. Homework and practice
5. Nonlinguistic representations
6. Cooperative learning
7. Setting objectives and providing feedback
8. Generating and testing hypotheses
9. Cues, questions, and advance organizers

Talk with your group to choose the best examples from the group to add to the wiki. Click on the strategy name in the list above to go to that page and add your Applications/Examples under the appropriate strategy. Be sure to give enough explanation for a first year teacher or substitute to be able to replicate what you do.
There are some additional resources below.

Resources for Best Practices

  1. Keys to Powerful Learning - Gardner
  2. Slideshare - Summarizing & Note Taking; Summary Frames;
  3. Building Academic Vocabulary Ppt
  4. Homework Misconceptions Ppt
  5. Effective Teaching Effective Learning - Pickering preso.
  6. Web2.0That Works - Web 2.0 technology for each strategy
  7. Blackboard Configuration Quicksheet; 3P's of BBC; BBC shortform;
  8. Dr. Stephen Brookfield - Teaching Skillfullyppt (From T. Sanford)
  9. Brookfield - The Skillful Teacher
  10. Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher


Homework & Practice ..... & Providing Feedback:

Sometime in the next two weeks, take a look at what others have added to these pages and make some comments. You can describe what you have tried in your classes. You can give feedback to others. We will implement a "Best Practice" by practicing some of these new strategies and comment on them on this site. We will also give each other feedback in the comments - if you see something you particularly like - give feedback in the comments. If you want to share another version, share what you tried or ask for help with a strategy, please add it to the comments. This is a professional dialogue for feedback as we strive for continual improvement by reflecting on what we do and how successful it is for our students.
Simply click the Discussion tab at the top to add your comments.