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Which Map & Why
Bubble Map
Content Topic & Explanation
Branches of Engineering
Various branches of Engineering are mapped out to show how diverse the profession is.
Tree Map
Specialized Courses for branches of Engineering
Students list the specialized courses for each branch of engineering in the tree
Bubble Map
PC Components
PC in the middle of the circle and all of the components listed in the bubbles.
Circle Map
PC Maintenance
Working PC in the middle and all of the various things you have to do to keep it that way.
Bubble Map
Interview Preparation
Put in bubble all the things that describe who you are so you will be able to answer the interviewer's queston of: Tell me a little about yourself.
Tree Map
Correct Application Completion
Put application at the top and list all the information you will need to complete a job application correctly.....ie....last 4 numbers of social, reference names/addresses, previous employer addresses, etc
Bubble Map
The Ribbon (Office Programs)
Place the Tab name in the middle and the Groups in the bubbles. This will allow students to learn what groups are in the specified tab. Another bubble can be created also based on each group and what tasks can be done within that group.
Bubble Map
Resumes are in the middle and all the parts of the resume branch out from it.
Treet Map
Getting A Job
CHart all the steps needed to get a job