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Cooperative learning

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Application (What)

Explanation (How to)

Content (When)

Lab Activity
Students work in groups to complete experiments. Students are split into groups and they
run experiments to reinforce topics learned in class.


Identifying the parts of a computer.

Word Tree -- Similar to an organizational chart. The "computer" is at the top of the tree and it branches out into hardware, software, etc. Leaves are used to identify wheather the piece of equipment is either an input/output type of a device.

In Class (IT Class)

Clock Buddies

Easy way to create pairs of partner activities while avoiding the problems of students working with the same partner.


Assign topics to students working at different stations in the classroom, having each student within the stations responsible for finding certain information. The stations rotate and share information so when all stations have rotated back to their home station, each student should have all the information necessary for the particular topic assigned.
Good for all disciplines
Reviewing Released SOL Tests

Assign to a group 2 students who did well and 3 students who did not do well on the practice test. They are considered a family. They discuss each item on the test, and explain how they arrived at the correct responses. Another idea is to have each student independently complete the practice test. After completing the test, students must get in SOL families, discuss each test item, and agree on an answer for each item. They submit one answer sheet per family.

All Content Areas

Teaching as a group project

Chapters which contain a lot of information can be broken down into segments. The class is broken up into groups, each of which is responsible
for teaching one segment to the rest of the class. The groups are repsonsible for everything - powerpoints, illustrations, slides, tests, and quizzes.

Marine Biology