Best Practices: Applications or Examples of the Strategy:

Generating and testing hypotheses

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Application (What)

Explanation (How to)

Content (When)

Identify the "hypothesis " in an experiment

Teacher uses a paper airplanes to illustrate what students already know about
flight. Teacher lists student's responses "brainstorming" on the board to generate
a classroom pool of knowedge. The class then tests the hypothesis (sharp-pointy planes fly farther than short-fat planes). They either prove or disprove their hypothesis.

Science Class

academic prompts

ask an open-ended question. "How would a surpus of food change agricultural society? Would it limit or advance it?"

World History

It is imperative that students use this strategy in the classroom. It is particularly effective when students are witnessing demonstration and modeling by the instructor. For example, the International Bacculaureate model affords the teacher an opportunity to have students' generate their own hypotheses based on their observations, and encourage subsequent socratic discussion based on the students application to the subject.
Science, English, Military Science