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Which Map & Why
Content Topic & explanation
Multi-flow map for causes
and effects of "Early Marriage"
Health topic of marriage - make students
think about why people get married early
& what happens

Flow map discussing the effect
of pollution on the chesapeake bay
After discussing how our health is effected by
the environment students were to explore how the
bay is effected by pollution

Brace Map explaining the make up of total health
Health and wellness
Show relationship how Social, Mental, and Physical Health and their componets affect a persons wellness
brace map explaining the fundamentals of shooting a basketball
Basketball shooting
give students pecific steps to follow to improve shooting
Multi-flow map
Substance abuse
Show the relationship of cause and effect why teens use illegal substances
Bridge map
Types of offense / defense
Show the type of offense or defense formation associated with different sports
Brace map
Any sport specific skill
Use to break down any part of athletic skill (archery, free throw, football pass)