Best Practices: Applications or Examples of the Strategy:

Homework and practice

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Application (What)

Explanation (How to)

Content (When)

Teach students to manage time
appropriately when completing

Journal in their agendas estimated time to complete homework
as well as actual time it took to complete homework.

All content areas.

Teaching students to identify goals
of their homework, whether it is for
practice or preparation.

Once the students are given their homework assignment, ask
them to identify the purpose of the assignment - which increases
critical thinking skills.

All content areas.

Teach students to reinforce the information
they have gained from current events assignments.

Have the student watch the news and report on the specific topic. They are to
engage their visual and auditory senses to correlate the information with the newsmaker.
For example: Condoleeza Rice discussing a decision she had made regarding foreign policy.

Social Studies

Teach students studying and note-taking skills.
Give the students an assignment for homework then administer a quiz based on their product.
For example: Tell the students to define vocabulary words for homework. Rather than collecting the vocabulary words for a grade, give the students a quiz on the vocabulary word using their homework. The students use what they have produced.

All content areas.
Assign homework to address specific areas

Do not assign a large number of homework problems for the sake of it, but rather assign specific problems to focus on specific weak areas. For example: Assigning problems 1, 11, 17 an 14 may be more appropriate than 1-25 odd. Also, have an expectation that they will be able to discuss the process they used to come up with the answer.

Alll content areas.

Drill and kill is not necessarily effective

Homework must be meaningful and engaging. Drill and kill (repetition that does not extend learning) serves no purpose. It is effectively a "show and tell" skill. It does not engage the student in higher order thinking or encourage application, synthesis, or analyses.


Didn’t get it… review and try again

Reinforce homework, by allowing students to re-do homework assignments that had too many mistakes, or were just missing the goal.