Best Practices: Applications or Examples of the Strategy:

Nonlinguistic representations

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Content (When)

Use of large V to represent how a paragraph should be written.

The large opening of the V is the introductory sentence. Each sentence that follows works down the V to get closer to the point (The Thesis Statement).


Use of the Venn diagram to represent the relationships and or differences of specific topics or events

The outer portion of the circles represent all things different while the overlapping portions of the circles are indicative of similarities.

Social Studies
Illustrated Glossary of Government Terms
Requires students to create illustrations or find clip art to represent vocabulary terms

Social Studies

Use 5 flip foldable to represent the 5 major parts/identifiers on a map.

Construct foldable with the term on the outter flap. Inside one side put definition and the other inner side students draw picture to represent the definition.

Social Studies

Pictures of accidents, injuries, lists of accidents from state police.

Students see the effects of speeding, alcohol, illegal substances while driving. Frequency of accidents.

Drivers Ed

Use PowerPoint graphics
To represent related sciences to World History.

World History

Pictures students draw to illustrate concept or to sketch a problem
in the book.

Stdt. take one line at a time of a written problem in Geometry and draw what is being requested. Also, draw a picture to illustrate how they understand a definition for a math term.


Establish a pictionary where the students draw illustrations to relate to the meaning of the word in the target language. The pictionary is worked on throughout the year.

Students are assigned thematic or grammatic vocabulary and are required to draw a picture to represent the word.

Total physical response - it is used to demonstrate information through physical models, physical movements, and demonstrations.

The instructor speaks in the target language and acts out vocabulary, whch elicits a nonverbal response from students.

Outline Chapter/retake notes using Microsoft Word.

Students will create a brochure in Word without using a template that will summarize note taking.

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Using pictures to draw out information

Gives students a picture of historic events and it asks them to tell about the event based upon the picture

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Using industry accepted measurements to describe a product.

Students will use both English and SI system of measurement to describe a product.


Using cluster web for a pre-writing excercise.

Cluster web shows how ideas are related and helps the students to elaborate within their body paragraphs when they are writing the paper


Illustrate the words. Show pictures or video clips that demonstrate the meaning of a word.

Have students draw and label something illustrating the meaing of the word.This is not limited to concrete nouns -- a grim expression, a contemplative person or absurd conduct can also be drawn. The labels explain how the word and drawing fit. Drawing skills are not importat; stick figures with accurate labels can succinctly express an idea as well as finely crafted caricatures. The infamous "flashcards" can be made more meaningful with illustrations, as well. Be sure, though, that the student doesn't replace an abstract idea with a concrete example of it. This can be done by showing different ways that the idea is expressed and having hte students discover what makes them valid illustrations -- for instance, could news be grim?How?

*** The English Department does this with QUACK!!!!

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Act it out
Act out anything and everything - literature, history, rules, art, etc. - the list goes on and on.

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