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Setting objectives and providing feedback

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Content (When)

My objs. are written in 1st person instead of 3rd.
It gives them ownership of what we are learning
in class

Instead of SWBAT or TLW I write "I will"

English every period

When I give a CPS quiz, I will often allow it to be open mic.
Every student receives a separate grade
based on their answer choices, but before
chosing their answers, students are
allowed to work give each other feedback.
Sometimes I facilitate by taking a vote on
who thinks which answer choice is correct.

Usually at the beginning
of the US history class.
My objectives are written in the form of a question

This provides the students with the question they
should be able to answer when the lesson is complete

For every class

Objectives in my all male Geometry class

Every class starts with the "Gentlemen's Agenda" and "Each and every gentleman will be able to..." I also discuss the results of the tests and quizzes and I let them help me make conscience choices about what's best for the class.

Every Geometry class