Best Practices: Applications or Examples of the Strategy:

Reinforcing effort

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Application (What)

Explanation (How to)

Content (When)

Candy, tickets, and other tangible.
Verbal praise

Give out during reveiw, after unit

Verbal praise
Posters on the wall to
put star stickers on to track participation
and accuracy.

Verbally in front of class.

Posted on back wall for use after
review sessions. To keep track of
team points.

Receive a sticker for on-time
behavior. Receive extra points upon the
collection of X stickers.
World HIstory

Team Sports.

Special Ed -

Promotions for application of Leadership principles

Students are promoted based on the ability to apply principles learned during leadership theory.

Military Science
Negative Reinforcement for Drill

As students demonstrate that they can correctly perform a movement, their number of push-ups are reduced.

Military Science

Participation points
When students answer a question in the target language, they get one participation point. When ten points
are accumulated, an "A" goes into the grade book.


Art Money

Students earn money by buying and selling each others artwork.