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Which Map & Why
Circle Map: Have students brainstorm about Newton's Laws of Motion.
Content Topic & explanation
Physics: Introduce Newtons Laws of Motion.
Students will describe everything they currently know about Newton's Laws of Motion.

Tree Map: Have students write examples of Newton's Laws of Motion. Under each of the three laws. Students will then be able to figure out which law will help them solve problems the best.

Physics: Mechanics. Students have a hard time understanding how to apply the Laws of Motion when solving problems.
Students will write examples under different headings. It will help guide them to solve problems.

Double Bubble Map: have students compare the similarities and differences with speed and velocity

Physics: (Mechanics). Students will understand formulas needed to do word problems.

Students will create a double bubble diagram and find how speeed and velocity are related and how they are not.

Tree Map: Students will create a map concerning plate boundaries, defining each of the 3 types and the tectonic details of each.
Earth Science: (Plate Tectonics)Using this map, studnets can organize the specifics of each of the 3 plate boundaries.
Create a tree map which will help students to mentally organize the tectonic details of each of the 3 plate boundaries.