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Which Map & Why
(H. Sorrell)I have found the tree map useful
when teaching wars. I can classify
info based on many different categories
Content Topic & Explanation
WWII- I have a map that I use
to help students keep battles, people
homefront, minorities, etc. straight
The students are able to visually categorize information
by completing the tree map of WWII using notes and the book.
For example, one category is Battles, each bubble has a date and a battle, the students must fill in why it is significant.
Honors World Geo Team
Tree Maps

Three Map Types
5 Map Parts

Honors World Geo Team
Describe Geography
Describe Geography-students use adjectives to describe the term Geography
Honors World Geo Team
Brainstorming Climate
Honors World Geo Team
Double Bubble

Weather vs Climate
Compare and Contrast Weather and Climate. This could be forwarded to the Acamdemic Prompt
World History Double Buddle Map
Athens vs Sparta
Comparing and Constrasting Ancient Athens and Sparta.
Honors World Geo Team,Tree Map
Map Projections
Three types of Map Projections for the SOL.
Psychology - Tree Map
categorize 7 psychological perspectives
categorize 3 sociological perspectives
class participation using the text as resource
Psychology & sociology double bubble map
compare/contrast to write an essay on perspectives
individual student exercise
Government - double bubble map
compare/contrast the constitution and articles of confederation
class participation - conducted as group discussion