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Which Map & Why
Multi-Flow Map
Content Topic & explanation
.French III getting through the airport at both ends of a trip. We study what all the people say who
work in the airport from the ticket agent to the pilot. The event is on the plane the cause side would
be what you do before you get on the plane from packing your suitcases to getting your ticket and boarding the pane.
The effects side would be the things that a traveler goes through when they arrive at the destination airport,
get through customs. The frame would be to do the different roles from traveler to ticket agent to pilot to customs
This gives the students a way to organize a very abstract concept of
being on an airplane and all of the voacb associated with it.
Flow Map
In Spanish II the students learn to discuss their daily routine using Reflexive Verbs. They could use a flow map to list the sequence of events written in the target language.
The main frames would list the time of day: Por la manana, por la tarde, por la noche. Students would list the actions in the "Yo" form using the present tense and the appropriate pronoun. The actions would be written in the sub-frames underneath.
Bridge Map
You could use this for using merchandise vocabulary to deduce the name of the shop that sells the merchandise.
ZAPATO is to ZAPATERIA as HELADO is to HELADERIA as PAN is to etc.
Bridge Map
You can use this map as a quiz for testing the students' understanding of the Past Participle.
USAR is to .............. to CONOCIDO