1. Write a paragraph that says a bit about what you are hoping to gain from teaching with web 2.0
a. Set the title of your paragraph as “Heading 1” text
b. Use bold, italics, and colored text at various points in your paragraph
c. Save when you are finished
2. Below your paragraph, start a list of links to favorite internet resources. Add three links to external Web sites. Create a “Heading 1” title for this list.
3. Below your list of links, add links to your groupmates’ pages. Create a “Heading 2” title for this.
a. Hint: Look for the “Insert Hyperlinks” button
4. Find an image(s) on your computer. Add this image to your wiki page. Note: small images are much easier to work with.
a. Hint: Click on Insert Image and using the bottom box in the pop up menu.
5. Create a new page and name it (“Unit 1,” “labs,” “Grammar,” “Projects,” etc,).
6. Find an image on the web and add this image to your new page.
a. You can download the image to your computer and then upload it to your wiki page,
b. OR: You can get the URL for an image by right clicking the image and choosing “Copy Image Location.” Add the url in the appropriate box
7. Upload a PDF, Word, or Excel document to your wiki page.
what I want to learn
During this session I am trying to learn about how to implement an effective technology plan for my high school. Hopefully, I will learn about additional programs other than the ones we currently use to enhance student achievement and teacher buyin.